Wilson: Suspend the State Gas Tax and Freeze Hochul’s Slush Fund to Pay for It

Would Provide Immediate Relief to New York Families

Outsider Harry Wilson called on Governor Hochul and state leaders to immediately suspend the state’s gas tax to provide financial relief to New York families being hit hard at the pump by rising gas prices.
“To turn around a failing organization the first thing you have to do is set the right priorities and then implement an achievable plan to meet them,” Wilson said. “One of my top priorities is helping families be able to afford to live in New York. Suspending the gas tax will help families keep more money in their pockets as the price at the pump soars. And we can fully pay for it by freezing Hochul’s $10 billion slush fund and redirecting just a small portion of it toward relief at the pump.”
Suspending the state gas tax for 6 months is estimated to cost about $1.5 billion.  Harry Wilson would utilize 15 percent of Hochul’s unprecedented $10 billion slush fund to provide this relief to New York families.
“What is more important: helping working families during these difficult times as I am proposing, or Governor Hochul using her slush fund to buy political favors and lobbyist support to keep herself in office? Obviously helping working families is the only acceptable answer, and it must be done now. It’s time that the politicians put the people of New York ahead of their own interests. This is just one example of how we will Turnaround New York and make sure that all of state government is focused solely on improving the lives of New Yorkers – not keeping career politicians in office. We will be back to make sure the rest of Governor Hochul’s slush fund is used only to help New Yorkers, too,” Wilson concluded.