The Choice is Clear: Harry Wilson for Governor

Outsider Harry Wilson Releases Latest Ad for Governor

Outsider and turnaround expert Harry Wilson released his latest ad today outlining the clear choice between Wilson and Lee Zeldin. Throughout the campaign voters have been faced with a choice Lee Zeldin: a go-along, get-along insider who backed Andrew Cuomo again and again, or Harry Wilson an outsider and turnaround expert with a record of fixing broken organizations and a plan to do it for New York.

The choice for Governor is clear. It’s time for an outsider and turnaround expert to fix New York. It’s time for Harry Wilson.


The choice for Governor, conservative outsider, Harry Wilson, or Cuomo’s favorite republican, Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin gushed over Cuomo for President, voted 90% with Cuomo. Cuomo’s budgets, tax increase, even cutting police funding. Zeldin can’t fix the problem.

Conservative turnaround expert, Harry Wilson, fixes broken companies and he’ll fix New York.

“My conservative plan delivers the biggest tax cut ever, cuts energy bills, and gets tough on crime. Politicians got us into this mess, I’ll fix it.”