WKTV: Republican candidate for governor Harry Wilson, discusses stance on crime


UTICA, NY – Harry Wilson, one of many Republican candidates for Governor, is traveling across the state discussing his plan to combat crime in New York.

On Saturday he stopped by WKTV to outline the specifics of his plan.

If elected governor, Wilson says he will repeal cashless bail. He would also hire more police officers and increase their pay. His plan also calls for district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes to be fired, a right he says the governor has under the state constitution.

“I think the first duty of government is to keep its citizens safe”, says Wilson. “That’s why we form governments in the first place. The fact that our state government created the policies that made all of us less safe is totally unacceptable. What I’ve found is that while there are some differences in perspective, at the end of the day everybody, no matter where you live in the state, wants to be safe”.

Wilson says he talked to numerous law enforcement officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and corrections officers to come up with his plan.

Watch the full video here