Scarsdale Inquirer: Outsider Harry Wilson Turns in Record Number of Signatures to Qualify for Gubernatorial Primary

Submits Over 36,000 Signatures; Far More than Double the Required Amount and More than Any Republican, Ever

Via Scarsdale Inquirer

Outsider and Turnaround Expert Harry Wilson today turned in over 36,000 signatures to easily qualify for the Republican gubernatorial primary.  Wilson turned in the most signatures in recorded history and far more than double the amount needed to appear on the ballot.
“New Yorkers are tired of career politicians and insiders who raise their taxes, drive up the cost of living and make our streets less safe,” Harry Wilson said. “As an outsider, I’ll put New Yorkers first by cutting taxes, supporting our police to fight crime, reducing energy costs, and cleaning up Albany. I am the only candidate with the skills, experience, and guts to turnaround New York. As we have seen through our record number of petition signatures, voters are hungry for an outsider who can get the job done.”