Outsider Harry Wilson Shines Next to Cuomo Clone Lee Zeldin

Wilson Lays Out Turnaround Plan for New York & Puts Lee Zeldin on Defensive

The contrast between Harry Wilson and Lee Zeldin was clear in tonight’s debate. Harry Wilson detailed his Turnaround Plan and exposed how Lee Zeldin was a Cuomo Clone in Albany.  In Albany, Lee Zeldin voted for every Andrew Cuomo budget, raising taxes by billions of dollars and cutting law enforcement funding by millions of dollars.

Harry Wilson made the point that New York is badly broken because of the failures of the career politicians. New York is desperate need of a turnaround. Throughout the debate it was clear that Wilson is the only candidate with a plan or record of successfully turning around failed organizations. Harry Wilson turned around failed companies again and again.

Wilson also talked about his Turnaround Plan for New York. Wilson spoke about his public safety plan and his economic plan to reduce taxes by twenty percent and make New York more affordable. Harry Wilson’s plan would put $3,000-$5,000 back in the pockets of the average New York family. It would be the largest tax cut in New York history.

Cuomo Clone Lee Zeldin epitomized the failures of the career politicians. When Zeldin was a State Senator he voted for every Cuomo budget, partnered with Cuomo to raise taxes and cut law enforcement funding and even said the United State would be better off with Cuomo in the White House.

Lee Zeldin was noticeably on the defensive and failed in his attempts to discredit the ads being run against him and failed in his attacks on Wilson. Wilson’s ads note that Zeldin partnered with Andrew Cuomo to raise taxes and cut law enforcement funding – which is one hundred percent true.