Outsider Harry Wilson Releases Two New TV Ads

Contrasts His Turnaround Plan to Save New York with Insider Lee Zeldin’s Partnership with Andrew Cuomo

Outsider Harry Wilson released two new television ads today drawing a clear contrast with Lee Zeldin. Harry Wilson has spent his career turning around some of the most failed organizations in the country and has plan to turn around New York including dramatically lowering taxes and focusing on public safety. Lee Zeldin on the other hand was Andrew Cuomo’s favorite Republican who voted for all of Cuomo’s budgets including tax increases and cut to law enforcement.

In Albany career politician Lee Zeldin was Andrew Cuomo’s favorite Republican. Zeldin voted for everyone of Cuomo’s budgets.

They raised taxes and cut police funding, that’s what’s wrong with go along to get along politicians.

The better choice outsider Harry Wilson; he rescues broken companies and as governor he’ll rescue New York.

Through his turnaround plan he’ll cut taxes, fight crime, hold politicians accountable. Harry Wilson will turnaround a broken NY.


Lee Zeldin’s record on crime may surprise you. In Albany, Zeldin voted for Cuomo’s budget that defunded the police.

Zeldin sponsored a bill that would make it easier for criminals to be released on cashless bail, and in Washington, Zedlin was the only republican in New York to vote with AOC to cut police funding.

Harry Wilson is pro police and tough on crime. “Only an outsider can make New York safe again”. Harry Wilson will turnaround New York.