Outsider Harry Wilson Releases First TV Ad “Turnaround”

Will air statewide as part of $12 million television ad buy

Outsider and turnaround expert Harry Wilson released his first television advertisement today “Turnaround.”

The ad, which introduces Johnstown, New York native Harry Wilson to voters, shows
how decades of higher taxes and mismanagement by career politicians have hurt
communities like where he grew up. The ad makes clear that it will take an outsider and
turnaround expert like Harry Wilson to fix New York.

In the 30-second spot, Wilson not only pledges to end bloated budgets and repeal the
Cuomo/Hochul tax hikes but also to cut even more of the waste burdening New York
taxpayers. Wilson further promises to end business as usual in Albany and to withhold the pay of politicians who continue to lead the state into ruin.

The ad will air statewide and is the first of Wilson’s $12 million television buy.


This is where I grew up. 

My Dad tended bar. My Mom worked at the sewing factory. 

Great communities like this have been hurt badly by decades of higher taxes and

I’ve spent my life fixing problems and turning things around. And I can turn around New

I’ll end bloated budgets, repeal the Cuomo/Hochul tax hikes, and keep going. 

It won’t be easy. The politicians want business as usual, but they’ve never met
someone like me before–willing to stop their paychecks if they fail to act. 

For my family and yours, we will turn around New York.

About Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson and his wife, Eva, have been married for nearly 25 years and are the
proud parents of four daughters, ages 20 to 13.

Wilson was raised in Johnstown, New York where he learned the value of hard work
and doing whatever it takes to take care of your family and get the job done. His dad, a
son of Greek immigrants, was a bartender. His mom, a Greek immigrant herself, worked
in a sewing factory.

Harry took those lessons and used them for the rest of his life. He worked his way
through college cleaning toilets and tending bar. After college and graduate school, Harry got to work.

His career had him working on turning around and saving some of our country’s most
troubled and dysfunctional companies. Again and again, Harry successfully turned
around large, complex organizations.

Now Harry Wilson is ready to Turnaround New York.

Learn more at www.harrywilsonforgovernor.com.