Outsider Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Wilson Unveils “Making New York Safe” Plan

Plan Is Second Component of Wilson’s Agenda to Turnaround New York

Outsider Harry Wilson rolled out his “Making New York Safe” plan today. The plan will reduce crime and support the police. It is the second component of Wilson’s agenda to Turnaround New York. He previously released reform measures to clean up the corruption in Albany.

“Through a combination of bold reforms and common-sense solutions we will crack down on crime and make New York safer,” Wilson said. “As Governor I will fully fund the police, keep dangerous criminals in jail, and hold rogue district attorneys accountable. We will keep New Yorkers safe.”

Harry Wilson’s plan consists of four main components:
1. End Cashless Bail and Keep Dangerous Criminals Off the Street
2. Increase Funding, Pay & Support for the Police
3. Fire Rogue District Attorneys Who Won’t Enforce the Law
4. Enact Jail & Criminal Justice Reform

Crime in New York has gotten dramatically worse under the leadership of Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul. Insider politicians have passed bad policies, failed to enforce the law, and refused to support the police. As a result, the criminals have been emboldened and crime has skyrocketed. Harry Wilson’s plan will turn it around.

The entire plan and all its details can be read here.