New Harry Wilson TV Ad: “Lee Zeldin was Andrew Cuomo’s favorite Republican”

Outsider Harry Wilson released a new television ad today that lays out the differences between the political insiders and career politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Lee Zeldin and outsiders like Harry Wilson. For years, the insiders and politicians in both parties have worked together to the detriment of New Yorkers.

Watch HERE

As State Senator, Lee Zeldin supported every Andrew Cuomo budget he could and the embattled former Governor’s billion dollar tax increase. But voting for Cuomo’s policies wasn’t enough. Zeldin also said that if Cuomo were President, our nation would be in a better place.

Harry Wilson will do what the insiders have not done. He’ll fight crime, stop corruption and deliver the largest tax cut in state history to turn around New York.


NARRATOR: In Albany, Lee Zeldin was Andrew Cuomo’s favorite Republican. He voted for Cuomo’s Billion Dollar Tax hike and every Cuomo budget. No wonder Zeldin said Cuomo should be President.
ZELDIN: “If you were in the White House right now our nation would be in a better place.”
NARRATOR: Lee Zeldin has it all wrong, New York needs fundamental change, a politician can’t do that, I will. I’ll fight crime, deliver the biggest tax cut ever, stop corrupt go along to get along politicians of both parties. That’s how we Turn Around New York.