NBC-Binghamton: Republican Harry Wilson releases campaign ad on crime

Via NBC-Binghamton

Republican gubernatorial candidate Harry Wilson is releasing a new campaign advertisement focused on crime in New York State.

Wilson’s ad features graphic video of crime scenes around New York City.

In it, he pledges to repeal cashless bail, hire more cops, increase police pay and fire district attorney who refuse to prosecute crimes if he is elected.

Wilson, a successful businessman who is largely self-funding the television ads, says Democrats in Albany have prioritized criminals over victims.

“I think the first duty of government is to protect the people of the state. We’re doing a failing job of that by our leadership in Albany. So, we wanted to roll out this week our crime plans, so the first step is the ad that’s going up on T-V across the state,” he said.

Wilson says another problem that needs addressing is the state’s discovery reform which he says has caused many prosecutors to quit the profession.

When asked how his crime response plan differs from the other Republicans running in the GOP primary, Wilson says he has a track record of getting things done in the private sector and will bring that same ability to Albany.