Harry Wilson’s New Ad “Crumbling”

Outsider and turnaround specialist Harry Wilson launched his new television ad today that details Lee Zeldin’s ties to Andrew Cuomo and how Zeldin enabled Cuomo’s destruction of New York.

Watch HERE

After showing how Zeldin partnered with Cuomo to enable higher crime and higher taxes, the ad lays out Harry Wilson’s plan to turnaround New York. Harry has a plan that will fight crime, cut taxes, and make New York more affordable.


NARRATOR: New York is crumbling from the impact of skyrocketing crime, higher taxes, crippling inflation. Lee Zeldin went along with Cuomo’s destruction. Voting for Cuomo budgets and taxes, Zeldin even voted against police funding. Zeldin can’t fix the problem, Harry Wilson can. Harry Wilson is a turnaround expert. With a plan to fight crime, cut taxes, and return thousands of tax dollars back to every New York family. Harry Wilson will turn around New York.