Harry Wilson: “We Must Clean House in Albany.”

Outsider Harry Wilson issued the following statement this morning following the arrest of Kathy Hochul’s Lt. Governor, Brian Benjamin.

“We must clean house in Albany. Corruption has run rampant for years in administration after administration. Just days ago, Governor Hochul said she had ‘utmost confidence’ in her hand-picked Lieutenant Governor. What we’ve learned now is that, once again Hochul has made yet another enormous error in judgment that has contributed to the many challenges facing New Yorkers. She may have confidence in her Lieutenant Governor, but the people of New York have no confidence in their governor or her administration. Hochul must be replaced with an outsider who will end the reign of insiders and politicians in Albany and who has the skills and the guts to fix our government once and for all.”Last week, Kathy Hochul said “I have utmost confidence in my lieutenant governor,” Hochul said during a state budget press briefing Thursday. “This is an independent investigation related to other people, and he’s fully cooperating.”