Harry Wilson Touts Outsider Status as Cuomo “Wingman” Lee Zeldin is put on the Defensive over his Failed Record in Albany

Notes How Lee Zeldin Rolled Over for Andrew Cuomo Again and Again

From the very beginning of the debate, Harry Wilson laid out his Turnaround Plan for New York and his unique ability to fix New York. Wilson talked about his plan to dramatically reduce taxes, to increase public safety and end the corruption in Albany. He noted that he was the only businessman and outsider in the race. Wilson talked about his tax plan that will save the average New York family $3,000-$5,000.

Wilson also pushed his 14 page safety plan, including eliminating cashless bail and firing rogue District Attorneys. Harry Wilson noted that we have to think about the victims, not the criminals.

The contrast between Harry Wilson and Lee Zeldin was made clear in tonight’s debate. Harry Wilson detailed his Turnaround Plan and exposed how Lee Zeldin rolled over for Andrew Cuomo again and again.  

In Albany, Lee Zeldin voted for every Andrew Cuomo budget, raising taxes by billions of dollars and cutting law enforcement funding by millions of dollars.