Harry Wilson Launches New TV Ad “Safe”

Outsider Harry Wilson launched a new television advertisement today “Safe”. The ad focuses on public safety and reducing crime. The advertisement tells how Kathy Hochul and Andrew Cuomo have failed at the most basic duty of government: keeping citizens safe. As a result of Hochul and Cuomo’s failures, crime in New York is at an all-time high.

In the ad, Harry Wilson describes the common-sense ideas that he has unique ability to implement as the only candidate running from outside New York’s broken political system. As Governor, Wilson will repeal cashless bail, hire more police officers, and increase the pay of law enforcement. What’s more: if a district attorney won’t prosecute crimes, Wilson will fire them.


Narrator: A suspect opened fire on a crowded NYC subway car…just when we think it can’t get any worse, it does.
Wilson: Kathy Hochul and Cuomo support cashless bail, putting criminals back on the street. And now, violent crime is at an all-time time high. 
Wilson: I have a plan, repeal cashless bail, hire more cops, raise their pay, and give them the support they need. 
Wilson: And here’s something bold, if a rogue DA doesn’t prosecute crimes, I’ll fire them. 
Harry: Political insiders have failed us. Only an outsider can make New York safe again.