Harry Wilson Launches Campaign for Governor to Turnaround New York

Campaign Begins with a $12 Million TV Buy

Outsider and turnaround expert Harry Wilson announced today that he was running for Governor to turnaround New York.

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“Rising crime, out of control taxes, skyrocketing cost of living, closed schools, corrupt politicians – New York needs a turnaround,” Harry Wilson said. “As governor, I’ll repeal the Cuomo/Hochul tax increases, tackle the high cost of living, end cashless bail, fire rogue district attorneys who don’t enforce the law, and clean up the corruption in Albany. And if the politicians don’t like it, they won’t get paid.”

Along with announcing his campaign, Wilson is also placing a $12 million television ad buy.

“This is our last, best chance to turnaround New York. We will do whatever it takes to save this state. The career politicians and insiders have run the state into the ground, but it’s not too late to turn it around. That’s what I’ve spent my life doing, and, for the sake of 20 million New Yorkers, this is the most important turnaround yet,” Wilson added.

In addition to the television buy, Wilson is hitting the campaign trail running. He’ll be making stops in 10 different cities over the next 3 days. 

He will then attend the New York State Republican Party’s Convention for the opportunity to meet with party leaders from across the state.  His attendance at the convention is a signal of the importance of the Party being united following the June primary and that Harry will be ready to lead the Party forward. Because another candidate announced he has secured nearly 100% of the weighted vote before Wilson entered the race, Wilson will get on the primary ballot via the petition process.

Harry Wilson gives New York Republicans their best opportunity to win in November and save New York.  Harry Wilson’s 2010 State Comptroller campaign was the most successful statewide Republican campaign in the last 20 years, 23 points better than the average statewide Republican candidate.  No other statewide Republican candidate has come even close to Harry’s appeal to New York voters over the last two decades. Between his compelling personal history as a son and grandson of Greek immigrants who rose from a working-class background to great success; his deep skills in turning around failing organizations; and the fact that he has already assembled the best funded statewide Republican campaign since 2002, Wilson is the only Republican candidate who can win in November. He has the proven ability to compete statewide and to attract conservatives, independents and disaffected Democrats who have been turned off by the failures of career politicians of both parties and particularly the failed Cuomo/Hochul regime in Albany.

About Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson and his wife, Eva, have been married for nearly 25 years and are the proud parents of four daughters, ages 20 to 13. 

Wilson was raised in Johnstown, New York where he learned the value of hard work and doing whatever it takes to take care of your family and get the job done. His dad, a son of Greek immigrants, was a bartender. His mom, a Greek immigrant herself, worked in a sewing factory.

Harry took those lessons and used them for the rest of his life. He worked his way through college cleaning toilets and tending bar. After college and graduate school, Harry got to work.

His career had him working on turning around and saving some of our country’s most troubled and dysfunctional companies. Again and again, Harry successfully turned around large, complex organizations.

Now Harry Wilson is ready to Turnaround New York.

Learn more at www.harrywilsonforgovernor.com.