Harry Wilson: “Kathy Hochul Corruption Picks Up Where Andrew Cuomo Left Off”

It Will Take an Outsider to Clean Up Albany & Turn Around New York

Outsider and turnaround expert Harry Wilson issued the following statement today in response to reports that Kathy Hochul’s hand-picked Lieutenant Governor is under federal investigation. 

“Kathy Hochul is picking up where Andrew Cuomo left off with corruption and incompetence. After years of the Cuomo-Hochul pay-to-play and nursing home scandals, and then Cuomo’s harassment scandal, we now have fresh reports of Hochul’s hand-picked Lieutenant Governor being under federal investigation. Hochul needs to answer what she knows about the investigation and why New Yorkers should trust either her or her running mate to run their government.  We’ve got to clean up Albany to turn around New York. It starts with getting rid of the corrupt career politicians and insiders who accept this as business as usual. As an outsider I won’t allow it.”