Harry Wilson Condemns Hochul’s Abuse of Taxpayer Money to Benefit Her Campaign

Outsider Harry Wilson condemned Governor Kathy Hochul’s misuse of the state plane, lack of transparency, and abuse of taxpayer money from the very beginning of her term in office.
“Kathy Hochul was sworn into office and nearly immediately began breaking the law and misusing taxpayer money to further her own campaign prospects,” said Harry Wilson.  “She replaced a corrupt governor but continued corrupt practices. This is exactly the problem with Albany — a culture of corruption where career politicians believe they can take advantage of taxpayers just so they can keep their jobs. The only way to break this cycle is to elect an outsider beholden to no one who can fix Albany and put the taxpayers first.”
Hochul paid New York taxpayers back only after the media uncovered her misuse of state resources.
“If it weren’t for the media, Hochul might still be using taxpayer money to benefit her campaign. It’s corrupt, it’s wrong and it needs to stop immediately. We will end politics as usual when I’m governor.”