Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Wilson says campaign is peaking at the perfect time

Via Binghampton Homepage

As Primary day approaches, gubernatorial candidates have been calling on the public to make change.

Harry Wilson, a Rebublican Gubernatorial Candidate says that his campaign is peaking at the perfect time.
Wilson’s agenda focuses on his experience as a business man.

Wilson says that as governor he wants to reduce the cost of the living in New York State by cutting the state income and property taxes by 20 percent.

Wilson says that he views New York’s statewide problems from a human perspective, not as a politican.

“Obviously negotiating the budget, negotiating a lot of the changes we need to make require an ability to negotiate very complicated deals. I’ve been negotiating with entrenched stakeholders in very difficult situations for thirty years. I’ve gotten people to agree to do things that they said they would never do cause they’ve never done it that way because I’ve been able to convince them that there’s a better way that all of us will be better off even though there’s some short term sacrifice involved,” he said.

Wilson mentioned that he is the only candidate born and raised in upstate New York.

His parents immigrated from Greece, and then settled down in Johnstown.

Wilson was the first in his family to attend college, where he eventually graduated from Harvard School of Business.

Wilson says that his experience as a business executive for thirty years is exactly the type of leadership that the state needs.

“I’m really focused on anything the government does, it should been done as efficeinetly and as effectively as possible. We should be world class at everything we do, in a cost effective way. But there’s no accountability in government. No one ever says, is the money we’re spending on a given program, is this actually delivering results?”

The gubernatorial primaries will take place this upcoming tuesday, June 28th.

Wilson’s opponents are Andrew Giuliani, Lee Zeldin, and Rob Astorino.

Wilson encourages everyone to get out and vote this Tuesday.

Polls will be open from 6 am to 9 pm.