Binghamton Homepage: Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Wilson visits Binghamton

Via Binghamton Homepage

BINGHAMTON, NY – A Gubernatorial Candidate visited Binghamton to announce his “Keeping New York Safe” plan.

Growing up in Johnstown, New York, Republican candidate, Harry Wilson, is not from a political background.

He says he’s spent his time fixing broken businesses, now he says he is ready to fix New York State.

Wilson came today to talk about his plan to reduce crime and support the police, as violent crime is on the rise across the state.

Stating he wants to increase police funding and create a bigger police presence, eliminate cashless bail, and fire any prosecutor that does not follow the law.

“To actually fix this problem, we need to attack all these problems holistically, we need to have our principles focused on what serves the people of this state and deliver safety into their communities. If we do that, we will return to a much safer place where we were just a few years ago,” he says.

He adds that if elected, he would hold other politicians accountable and believes there should be term limits.

Another part to his campaign is lowering taxes, by repealing recent tax increases so that New Yorkers can keep more of their money.